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For WF&G members only we are providing a FOR SALE section.

WF&G only provides the information and while private sales are perfectly legal in Maine, WF&G recommends the use of an FFL for transfers. 

Woodman's in Norway and MDW Guns of Waterford are two club members with FFLs in our area.

In order to list a firearm on this site, please submit the request to with the following information: 

1. Manufacturer, 2. Model, 3. Caliber, 4. Price or trade value, 5. Condition, 6. Pictures, 7. Contact Information

The Webmaster will post this information as a PDF file below.

The regular WF&G password is needed to open these files.

The Webmaster  reserves the right to decline any ad, if he feels the ad does not serve the best interests of WF&GA or violates State or Federal law.

Club Minutes

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Approved Minutes from April 2022

Approved Minutes from May 2022

Approved Minutes form June 2022

Approved Minutes from July 2022

Unapproved Minues from August 2022

Approved Minutes from 2021

Appoved Minutes from 2020

Approved Minutes from 2019

Approved Minutes form 2018

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Waterford F&G Corparate Bylaws March 2019

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Please note the change to the bylaws:

All members are entitled to bring guests to use the facilities.

Members must accompany their guests.

When a member brings their guests to shoot at the club only two shooting stations can be used at one time, with exception to Group membership. This will allow other members of our club access to the remaining shooting

stations. This will also allow the member to supervise their guest when they are shooting. Members are responsible for their guest while on Club property.

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